About Remember the Goat

I live in northern Kenya and travel across the spectacular and varied lands of the north for research and pleasure. I am particularly interest in conflict triggers between, and within, communities and how meaningful conflict resolution can be achieved. Much of the conflict in these areas (though by no means all) is linked to resources and the environment, so environmental issues and conservation practices are also of interest.

I write about many of the things I see and issues I encounter during my travels and some of that writing is here on this site, along with photographs of places, people and wildlife.

I first came online with Remember the Goat as a way of finding out road conditions in northern Kenya. We were always ringing people and asking questions like ‘is that road passable?’, ‘has the Milgis flooded’, ‘what’s the security situation between Marich Pass and Kainuk?’. But this is northern Kenya and mobile coverage was, and often still is, very limited. So to cast the net as wide as possible I started asking these questions online too.

Remember the Goat can be found on twitter @rememberthegoat and I really appreciate it when people send me updates on issues and local news. I am still always interested in where it has rained, or not, and of course, in road conditions as well.