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At least 43 people killed in 5 counties in the last 2 weeks

Armed herder in Northern Kenya

According to my timeline I have tweeted reports of 43 violent deaths and 22 violence related injuries in the last two weeks. These reports have all originated from mainstream media or sources such as KPR, rangers or doctors. The deaths occurred in just 5 counties.

Turkana County – 5 dead, 2 injured
Baringo County – 12 dead, 5 injured
Laikipia County – 5 dead, 3 injured
Samburu County – 2 dead, 1 injured
Isiolo County – 19 dead, 9 injured

This number is likely to be lower than the true figure. There will be reports that I have missed and a great many violent deaths don’t get reported at all, especially if it is just one or two people in a remote location without mobile signal.

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