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Traveling through Northern Kenya on the Wind Farm Road

The windfarm road

In order to get the large lorries needed to carry wind turbines up to the remote shores of Lake Turkana, the Lake Turkana Wind Power company have had to make a serious investment in road care. The old road that led from Laisamis to Loiyangalani was bone jarring at best, at other times impassable due to flood waters from distant mountains or rainy season mud. Long and dusty, it wasn’t anybody’s idea of a good time.

The road they have made, though still a dirt road, is pretty spectacular. You can do tarmac speeds on it and, when you do, all the dust is behind you. To keep this road in good enough condition for the daily convoys of lorries they have had to work on it continuously. Patching up the places where the Milgis floods through and smoothing out the corrugations that form so quickly when heavy vehicles use these kinds of roads.

Wind Farm Convoy

Wind Farm Convoy at Laisamis

When the last wind turbine is in place it seems unlikely that they will continue to maintain the road to such a high standard. Already all the engineering and maintenance staff fly directly to the farm, landing at a newly made airstrip that even has a nice waiting room and facilities.

My advice is that if you want to use this lovely road to visit Lake Turkana, or the isolated but very worth while Sibilo National Park, then you should do it soon.

Wind farm road with the Ndoto Mountains in the background

Wind farm road with the Ndoto Mountains in the background


  1. Thanks for the heads up. Should be on it this April.

  2. Awesome pics. Sad to think this road might be no more in future, it was such a joy to drive on.

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