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Pink Flip Flop Boat on Lake Turkana

Pink Flip Flop Boat on Lake Turkana

One day, as I walked along the eastern shore of Lake Turkana, I came across this wonderful pink flip flop boat. Parents and older children often make toys for the younger kids from bits and bobs of rubbish. Cars made from plastic cooking oil containers, cut in half and with plastic lids for wheels. Or large plastic pot lids nailed to a stick and used for wheeling along. But this simple plastic flip flop boat, with a stick for a mast and a bit of plastic bag for a sail, is one of the most stylish rubbish toys I’ve ever seen. It was sitting all alone on the sand. I think it must have sailed off rather efficiently leaving it’s owner far behind, and probably quite sad. However, I have no doubt that by the next morning it would have been found and made some other child very happy.


  1. Hey there. Its funny that us outsiders find those boats interesting. Here’s a photo I’m particularly proud of. I took it a couple years back while two boys were playing with their sail boats near a fishing spot on the lake (they didn’t seem to mind me and were more interested in their boats): https://www.dropbox.com/s/t6bdxl5my1yp9fr/IMG_20130421_192443.jpg

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